Driving a FIAT 500 in the snow!

by Administrator on December 22, 2011

Hi it’s Rico Olinger, Internet sales manager at Eastside Dodge.

It is cold here in Calgary, it just snowed five inches overnight. And I’m actually gonna show you how well the FIAT drives in the winter. I’ve been driving one of these for about ten months this year. Had a little bit of snow in March. A lot of people think these cars don’t handle well. I’m gonna show you otherwise. They’re really, really good.

Have a look at this car. It’s four to five inches here. So I’m not joking. It did snow a lot last night. Okay guys, so, in a quick sec I’m gonna show you how this baby handles. Thanks.

Okay guys, so what we are gonna be driving right now is a 2012 FIAT 500 Sport. This one is a five-speed manual transmission. And that’s it. So enjoy the ride.

Okay guys, pretty smooth ride. This car here is equipped with an electronic stability program. So basically, the front wheels will engage with the traction control once to notice the slippage. We’re trying to show this to you guys in a bit. But basically, if you’re use to drive a front wheel drive, this is not going to slip as much, it’s going to have a traction engaging at all times. I love that about this car.

Okay I’m gonna try to demonstrate to you how the traction control works. Pay close attention to the tires and how they spin fast at first, but then they kinda regain control and at that same time quick traction so the car keeps going.

You see that light on the dash. That means that it noticed the slippage. And it corrected itself and it gave me traction. Pretty cool.

Okay now, I’ve parked the vehicle in a driveway with about four inches of snow. Now it’s time to get out of here, and let’s see what happens.

Next, we’re gonna merge it to traffic now. Other people are very eerie about that kind of stuff when you’re driving such a small car but as you’ll see, there’s nothing to worry about.

We’re driving now to a bit of steep hill, I just wanted to show you that, you know, it can handle anything. Pay close attention again to the tires it will over spin a little a bit, catch itself, slow it down, give you traction. Piece of cake.

In this shot, I purposely stuck myself in about five to almost six inches of snow. Really, really in there. Just see how it handles – there’s nothing to worry about this car in winter, trust me. I’m not a professional driver and look what I did.

Like I said guys, this car can handle anything during the winter and just so you know, these are not winter tires, these are stock tires on a 16 inch rim on this FIAT 500. They’re fantastic.

Hope you liked my video. See you in the store.

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